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Dog Den 2, Regular with Hound Heater - FREE SHIPPING!

  • Dog Den 2
  • Hound Heater Pet Furnace
  • Side view of Dog Den 2
  • Back view of Dog Den 2
  • Dog Den 2 compared to the larger Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 2 features
  • How your Dog Den 2 will arrive (partially assembled)
  • Our 105-pound yellow lab "Goose" on top of the Dog Den 2
  • The Dog Den 2 features a UV-protected plastic wall and interior
  • The Dog Den 2 features a UV-protected plastic wall and interior
  • Our 105-pound yellow lab "Goose" on top of the Dog Den 2
  • "Goose" and his new Dog Den 2
  • "Goose" coming out of our popular Kennel Door of his Dog Den 2
  • There's plenty of room inside a Dog Den 2 for large dog breeds
  • "Goose" inside his Dog Den 2
  • A German shepherd using the Kennel Door of the Dog Den 2
  • A German shepherd using the Kennel Door of the Dog Den 2
  • The top of the Dog Den 2 removes easily for cleaning and to change bedding
  • Inside view of the Dog Den 2
  • An order of Dog Den 2s for one of America's most exclusive kennels
  • Dog Den with Hound Heater Installed
dd2a with heater
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Product Description


For the warmest, driest doghouse around, consider the Dog Den 2 with a wall-mounted Hound Heater Pet House Furnace. If you would like to purchase this product without the heater, please visit our Dog Den 2 product page. Our customers and their dogs love our dog dens and kennel doors

Well-made Dog Den, good for dogs up to 110 pounds.

Guaranteed Insulation: Our Dog Den 2 has over one-fourth more insulating foam built into the ceiling and floor of every doghouse. It is better than any commercial doghouse available on the market today and kennel owners and gun dog/bird dog owners agree. Our design uses a full inch of foam in the ceiling, and the wall and floor each have ¾" of foam built in. This heavy-duty doghouse will keep your dog dry, warm, and comfortable wherever you live. 

Hound Heater: The Hound Heater Pet House Furnace can dramatically warm the temperature inside the Dog Den up to 70 degreess in the coldest climate areas. When the wall-mounted heater is installed properly, it is safe for pets. The 150-watt Hound Heater comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The heater is easy to install with a Dog Den ordered with K-9 Kondo.  When purchased with the Dog Den 2 we predrill the mounting holds and provide easy-to-use attachment hardware.

Exterior Wall is UV-Protected: The UV-protected extreior wall and interior vinyl wall are washable which makes them easy to disinfect and clean.

Washable Detachable Lid: The doghouse lid detaches easily which makes cleaning a breeze. Changing bedding is easy and convenient. 

Well-Made and Chew-Proof: The commercial-grade materials used in the Dog Den and dog flap are chew-proof.

Dog Den 2 Size: The regular Dog Den measures 34" long x 22" wide x 22" high.

Thick Door Lip: The door lip is 4.5" high. This ensures that your dog bedding stays where it belongs.

Heavy-Duty Dog Flap “Kennel Door”: The heavy-duty kennel door is unique in that it swings both ways. It also locks in the open position to enable ventilation in the summer. This durable dog flap is designed to be water-proof, wind-resistant, and chew-proof.

Tough and Lightweight: This heavy-duty doghouse is made of high-quality commercial-grade materials and only weighs 55 pounds.

Easy Assembly: The Dog Den 2 comes 90% factory assembled and requires less than 30 minutes for completion using common household tools.

5-Year Guarantee: Check out our five-year limited warranty that guarantees replacement for any part due to chewing or failure.

2 x 4 supports not included.

Have more questions about our heavy-duty doghouses or accessories?

Visit our FAQs page »

Hound Heater Pet Furnace Description:

  • The heating element in the pet heater is good for 100,000 cycles. This means a dependable heater that will last for years.
  • Hound Heater dimensions are 10.5" (h) x 10" (w) x 4.5" (d).
  • The heater is safe for pets.
  • Guaranteed to heat any size doghouse, all the way up to 32 cu. ft.
  • Installation is easy.
  • A one-year manufacturer warranty is available through AKOMA Dog Products, LLC.
  • All you need to do is select the desired temperature and let your dog enjoy the warm and comfortable pet house.

Have more questions about the Hound Heater Pet House Furnace?

Visit our FAQs page »

What are the differences between our dog dens

Metal Name Plate for Dog HouseALL NEW OPTIONAL NAME PLATES FOR $10 (2 for $15*)!

Give your pet's doghouse or kennel that special touch with a custom metal sign showing your pride in your best pal. For only $10.00 with your order of any K-9 Kondo product you can have a 12 x 4 inch custom seven letter sign cut from rugged 22 gauge steel. Hang it on a wall, kennel fence, Dog Den, or K-9 Kondo. Select either ellipse or rectangle in the products options above, then spell out the dog’s name using up to seven letters in the text field provided before adding the product to your cart.
* If getting a second name plate for the additional $5, it must be the same name and design as the first name plate.

Product Videos

Introducing Your Dog To The Dog Den2 made by K-9 Kondo (02:50)
  • Introducing Yo...
  • Dog Den 2 Dogh...
    A video of K9 Condo's Dog Den 2 Dog House. I showed assembly a...

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  1. Overall good but minor issues with heater 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2013

    Overall happy with unit but the pin to hold the door open or closed was too short, the thermostat on the heater was impossible to see when making adjustments, & the holes pre drilled to install heater had to be redrilled.

    K-9 Kondo response:

    Sorry, I don't know how you got a short pin but I have sent another one to you. The pins are supposed to be placed in the rain shield when shipped so that we know they are the right length. Looks like someone did not do what they were supposed to do. I have no answer as to how to see the thermostat better. I have passed along the info to the manufacturer but I am not sure he can change the design to make it easier to see. In our instructions for the Hound Heater we tell customers to set the heater on the lowest possible setting and leave it. I set mine when it is cold by turning the unit off and wait for a few minutes with the lid removed. I then listen carefully to the heater as I slowly turn the thermostat on. When I hear the thermostat click I increase it slightly more and leave it. This method works well. If you set the thermostat at a medium or higher the inside of a Dog Den becomes too warm.

    Joe Shown, K-9 Kondo Inc.


    Posted by on 12th Feb 2013

    I loooove this k-9 condo. I have 2 pitbull/bullies who ate 2 wooden dog houses..I don't mean bit and chewed them..I MEAN ATE THEM! I don't see a dent nor teeth marks or anything of the sorts on my K-9 condo. It keeps them warm in 40 degree weather. One of them is full grown and weighs about 80llbs the other is a puppy but she is the height of a full grown dog and weighs about 50-60lbs and they both sleep in the same house ( I bought the largest one they have). They refuse to be separated so they make it work. But right after I type this I am buying another one and hope they will each go in their own condo. THIS IS THE BEST HOUSE for dogs that chew, bite etc. Worth every single penny. Putting it together was tough tho. Took 2 of my guys, myself, the video that comes with it and 5 hours to finally get together. But once put together you will love it. At first my dogs were scared of the dog door/entrance but after an hour or 2 they made their way in. I keep the the doggy door pinned up so that they never have to push it open to go in or out. I think it's better that way so they are not so confined like a prison. LOL

  3. K9 condos for labs 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2013

    I still think that my k9 condos may be too small for my labs. I have confirmation dogs that weight 70-75 lbs. I haven't seem them use up the condo yes in their dog run but I'm sure they will when they need to

    One dog (puppy) chewed the wires from the back of the condo the 1st day. We had to secure it to a platform to avoid them from moving the house to expose the wires.

    (K-9 Kondo Response) The K-9 Kondo is our barrel style unit whereas you have a Dog Den 2. The customer is the ultimate judge as to the size of the shelter for their dog but the dog is one who has to live in it. Like so many dog owners we think in human terms when we select shelter for our pets. Bigger is not better. The largest of labs (120 pounds) can curl up in a two foot square. Shelter which allows a dog to enter, turn, and curl up is all the space that is needed. Anything larger is wasted space that the dog must heat. See this link for more information.

    From our Heater FAQ page:

    Q. Is the electrical cord protected from dog chewing?

    A. No. The cord passes through the back wall of the Dog Den. The Dog Den should be positioned in such a way that the cord is not accessible to the dog.

  4. Great dog house! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Nov 2012

    Doggies love it!

  5. Outstanding Dog Houses 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2012

    I have two Dog Den 2s with Hound Heaters and one Dog Den 3 with Hound Heater. My hunting partner has two Dog Den 2s with Hound Heaters. We are 100% satisfied! These units are truly chew-proof and well insulated. Our oldest Dog Dens are 7 years old and are still in great shape. We would strongly recommend these dog houses to friends.

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