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  • Silver Dog Den +
  • Silver Dog Den +
  • Silver Dog Den +, door open
  • Silver Dog Den +, drawer slides out for easy cleaning
  • Silver Dog Den +, drawer slides out for easy cleaning
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  • Silver Dog Den +
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Product Description

New Dog Den + Chew-Proof Insulated Doghouse Provides Maximum Protection and Comfort

Dog owners can now provide maximum comfort and protection for their dogs with the new industrial-strength Dog Den + doghouse. It is guaranteed to be chew-proof to even the most destructive dogs.

Dog Den + is the newest creation of Dog Den doghouses built by K-9 Kondo. With nearly 30 years of making high-quality doghouses and kennel doors, they’ve combined the best features of their Dog Den models with significant enhancements to make this a doghouse you’ll love as much as your dog will.

Built with 22- and 24-gauge steel, the Dog Den + is fully insulated from top to bottom. Your dog cannot hurt or chew it and will have maximum protection from the elements. Measuring 35" x 24" x 31", it comfortably fits dogs as large as 110 pounds.dogdenaction.gif

Dog owners rejoice; the sleeping compartment slides in and out of the outer shell, providing easy access to the interior of the doghouse. Cleaning your Dog Den + is a breeze! Weather stripping seals the sleeping compartment when in place to keep cold air out.

Included with the Dog Den + is the indestructible K-9 Kondo dog door. It features a 6" rain shield to stop water from running inside the doghouse so your dog stays dry. It is specifically designed to minimize flapping with wind. The interior temperature of the doghouse can be as much as 40 degrees warmer than the outdoor temperature simply by securing your dog’s body heat inside with use of the dog door.

In addition to being rain resistant, wind resistant, and chew-proof, the dog door provides noiseless operation and can be locked open for extra ventilation when needed.

For additional heat source, the Dog Den + can be ordered and equipped with a Hound Heater.

The K-9 Kondo chew-proof Dog Den + doghouse is manufactured in the United States using American-made materials and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Product Videos

K 9 Kondo Dog Den Plus Instructions (14:50)
Assembly instructions for K-9 Kondo's new Dog Den + Kennel
  • K 9 Kondo Dog ...
    Assembly instructions for K-9 Kondo's new Dog Den + Kennel
  • Dog Den + In a...
    Watch how easy a Dog Den + by K-9 Kondo is for your dog to use!
  • Dog Den + Dogh...
    Each Dog Den + doghouse is pre-assembled before packing to ens...

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  1. My second K-9 Kondo 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2020

    I prefer the old style dog den 2. I live in a cold climate and the old style gave the dog a way to curl up away from the door over in the corner. Also, preferred how I could lock the door closed. I like this because I have one at a place I hunt and when I am not using it I can keep critters from trying to get in it. I haven’t had this one very long and so far my dog seems to be ok with it.

  2. Great Dog House but needs some changes 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2020

    Over the years I have ordered more than 15 Dog Den 2 houses and loved them. I learned how to modify them by changing out the latches and modify the base with an additional 2”x4”. I'm disappointed to see that the Dog Den 2 is no longer being offered. Now after purchasing two Dog Den + houses I obviously have some mismatched houses in my kennels. But these houses usually have about a 7 to 8 year lifespan before they need to get replaced anyway. Sooner or later I’ll be uniform again.
    The new Dog Den + kennels have some Pros and Cons to the discontinued Dog Den 2's. I like the fact that I no longer have to worry about the side latches breaking or the roof plastic and insulation falling down and getting chewed up. I also like the flow through bottom setup that won't trap debris. What I don't like is the difficulty to pull the door and floor tray assembly out for replacing bedding and cleaning. Additionally, in the event a stubborn dog won't get out of the house good luck in your attempt to get him out. The floor tray doesn't allow bedding to stay in place and falls over the sides and back making getting the door and pan assembly in and out even more difficult. The assembly directions call for using 1"x6" support legs. These are much too high unless your dog likes jumping in out. Using a 1"x4" is still higher than the Dog Den 2's were but at least it's a manageable height and something a highly recommend. Assembly really didn't bother me much even though it took about an hour for each dog house. The latch holding the floor pan in was the only thing that had poor fitment on both the dog houses I received. I powder coated the floor pans on my Dog Den + houses prior to assembling because I know from experience they are the first thing to rust away.
    All in all I still love the new Dog Den + houses and they are certainly the best dog houses on the market but I can't help wishing the Dog Den 2's were still available. Maybe in time I'll get used to pulling the entire door and floor pan assembly out to change bedding and crawling inside to clean off the tracks due to bedding falling to the sides and back but I doubt it. I think if you combined a little of the Dog Den + with the old Dog Den 2 or 1 you'd have the perfect Dog House.

  3. Great product, great customer service! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2020

    I have been training hunting dogs since 1971 and began training retrievers in 1987. I became a professional trainer in 2003. I have always used dog houses that I designed myself. They were comfortable for the dogs and well insulated, so the dogs were warm regardless of how cold the Ohio weather is. But they were made of wood, so some dogs chewed them. This past year, I finally got tired of repairing/replacing them and started looking for a commercially made replacement. Almost every dog house I found was partially or totally made of wood. One exception was the one made by K-9 Kondo. Being metal, totally insulated and advertised as chew-proof, I was interested in them. Product and shipping cost was a consideration, because I needed 14 dog houses. The K-9 Kondo Dog Den+ was the least expensive of all I saw on-line and offered free shipping. Shipping on all the others I saw was very expensive.

    I asked for suggestions for commercially made dog houses on an on-line retriever training forum I’m a member of without mentioning a preference for any company. Every suggestion that I received was for K-9 Kondo’s product. I was impressed with that. Although on-line ordering is possible on K-9 Kondo’s website, I decided to call because I had additional questions. Since I have 14 kennels, it would be a sizeable order. I found Joe Shown, the owner, to be very helpful and informative. I decided to order 14 Dog Den+s. Delivery was quick. I was a bit intimidated by 14 cartons and the thought of the time it would take to assemble them because I have client dogs to train, but I have a pneumatic pop rivet tool and I think that that may have speeded things up a little. Joe’s assembly video also helped. It took me about 2 ½ hours per house. I assembled a few at a time between training sessions. They’ve been in my kennels for a month or so now. The dogs have taken well to them. In a couple of cases, I had to work with a dog to show him how to get in by tossing a dog biscuit in, but I’ve had to do that with my former dog houses. There’s also a bit of a learning curve with some dogs learning how to enter and exit with the door flap down, but that would be true with any door flap. Best of all, not only are they comfortable, but they are totally insulated and are, indeed, chew-proof. Overall, I am very impressed with K-9 Kondo, their customer service and with Joe’s helpfulness. I may be increasing the number of kennels I have this year and, if so, I’ll be buying more Dog Den+s.

    I also found out, by the way, that Joe can make outstanding metal signs on his plasma table. If you supply the artwork or select from stock artwork, he can make you a very nice sign at a reasonable price that will last indefinitely.

    Don Smith
    Meglyn Retrievers

  4. Great Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2020

    I am so impressed with this dog house. Everything fits perfectly. The plastic wall took some persuadin to put in but if I do another I will know how to do it simpler. Took the advise and bought plastic 1/6 and bought a can of gel coat and coating the steel to protect it from my dog peeing on it.

  5. My dog loves it! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2020

    I am very happy with the dog house but I have one problem with it. When it is cold I have to coax my dog to come out. If I don't beg her she will barely stick her head out when it is cold. Quite an improvement over the wood dog houses I have bought in the past. Not too bad to assemble but four stars because I could not buy it already put together.

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