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Dog Den 3, Large, Unassembled with Hound Heater - FREE SHIPPING!

  • Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 3
  • Hound Heater Pet Furnace helps keep your dog warm during extreme weather
  • Hound Heater Pet Furnace helps keep your dog warm during extreme weather
  • Dog Den 3 with Kennel Door locked open
  • Inside view of the Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 3 can be used as a whelping box
  • 70-pound German shorthair in the Dog Den 3
  • Back view of the Dog Den 3
  • The lid on the Dog Den 3 removes easily for cleaning and to change bedding
  • Front view comparison of Dog Dens 1, 2, and 3
  • Side view comparison of Dog Dens 1, 2, and 3
  • Dog Den 2 compared to the larger Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 2 compared to the larger Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 3 shipping boxes and dimensions, all fasteners included
  • German shepherd inside the Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 3
  • The Nebraska State Patrol using a Dog Den 3 for their German shepherd
  • Dog Den with Hound Heater installed
Dog Den 3 with Heater
Free Shipping

Product Description


Large dogs deserve to be warm too! Purchasing the Hound Heater Pet House Furnace with your Dog Den 3 can keep your outdoor dog inside warm with this long-lasting heating element.

Also works great for multiple dogs or as a heated whelping box.

If you would like to purchase the Dog Den 3 without the heater, click here.

Excellent Insulation: The wall, floor, and ceiling offer 27% more insulation than any other manufactured doghouse. With a full inch of insulating foam built in the ceiling and ¾" of foam insulating the wall and floo.  This heavy-duty doghouse will keep your dog warm.

Hound Heater Pet House Furnace: Install this pet heater in your Dog Den 3, and your dog can experience the most comfortable doghouse around with this wall-mounted heater. You can expect temperatures to be as much as 70 degrees warmer when the heating element is properly installed. When you purchase the Dog Den 3 with the Hound Heater we prepare the steel wall by cutting the mounting holes for easy installion.  The 150-watt Hound Heater is safe for pets and is easy to install.

Rust Resistant: The zinc-plated steel panels prevent damage caused by dogs. The material is not only rust resistant and chew-proof, it is easy to clean and disinfect.

Removable Top: The insulated lid removes very easily. This makes for efficient and convenient cleaning and dog bed maintenance. The top can be locked with a padlock. Read our article Doghouse Bedding: Keeping Your Dog Warm and Comfortable.

100% Chew Proof: The materials we have selected for each of our Dog Dens are heavy-duty and hold up to chewing. Even the most abusive dog can’t hurt the Dog Den.

Roomy: The large Dog Den 3 is great for multiple dogs or whelping puppies. The Dog Den 3 measures 34" long x 34" wide x 24" high.

6-Inch Door Lip: This door lip will keep bedding inside and in place better than any competitor.

Popular Kennel Door: This durable, heavy-duty pet door swings both ways and stops rain and wind. There are no chewable flaps on this sturdy dog house. 

Strong and Lightweight: This large Dog Den weighs only 85 pounds and supports weights up to 400 pounds.

Easy Assembly: Pop rivets are used for easy assembly and the majority of the holes are prepunched for ease of construction.

5-Year Guarantee: We will replace any part that fails on a prorated basis due to defect or chewing for five years from time of purchase.

Wood 2 x 4 supports not included.

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Hound Heater Pet Furnace Description:

  • Simply select a temperature and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your large outdoor dog is comfortable and warm.
  • AKOMA Dog Products, LLC offers a one-year warranty on the Hound Heater.
  • 100,000 cycles! That is how long the heating element will last.
  • Heater dimensions are 10.5" (h) x 10" (w) x 4.5" (d).
  • Any size doghouse up to 32 cu. ft. will be heated.
  • The long-lasting heater will not burn your dog.
  • Installation is simple.

Have more questions about the Hound Heater Pet House Furnace?

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What are the differences between our dog dens

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Product Videos

Introducing Your Dog To The Dog Den2 made by K-9 Kondo (02:50)
  • Introducing Yo...

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Product Reviews

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  1. awesome doghouse 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2018

    Put together my dog den 3 in about 3 hrs. Video was a big help. This dog house should be the last one I need to buy. I keep 2.70 pound beavers, I mean labradorsn it and they haven't managed to find a way to chew on it yet. I checked the temperature in it on an 8 degree day and it was 48 in the house and that was with no dogs in it. They did manage to get to the temp control knob and chew it up but the heater company sent me a new one and told me to set the temp and just take the knob off. Two great companies to do business with.

  2. Fabulous doghouse 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Feb 2015

    Well made. Well thought out. It's close to perfect! Definitely watch the YouTube video first, then read the instructions. It will be a huge help. We purchased two for our dog rescue. Zeus, a huge Mastiff mix we are temporarily housing for a family that lost their home, was terrified of it at first. We took off the top and fed him his meals inside the dogden until he learned to love it. The lid is back on and he LOVES cuddling up in his house. We actually looked online for an indestructible dog house because of Zeus. He has destroyed dogloo dog houses and he chews anything wood to shreds! We will most likely order more. Thanks!

  3. Great doghouse 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Dec 2014

    This is a great doghouse. It took about 2 hours to put together. I thought following the YouTube video or included CD was easier than the written directions. I would certainly watch the entire video before starting to assemble. A good rivot gun is needed as there are a lot of them. My two Goldens took right to the house, however they were used to a dog door. I will order a second one. There was one piece of the top latch missing but when I called someone answered the phone on the second ring, was friendly and extremely helpful and shipped the part right away. Great service.

  4. Dog Den 3 w/heater 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2014

    I have had these for a very short time, but my dogs are happy I did get them! Weather went from 70 to -17 in a couple days. They seem cozy enough in them.

    That said, I did do some light modifications. I put steel wool, covered with Gorilla tape, in the holes for the electrical cords(exterior), one on the side and bottom. This is to detour mice from getting in and eating the Styrofoam insulation. I made a wood frame for the inside floor that I screwed a large rubber stall mat to, it creates a bowl effect for the grass hay. Also makes a shelf for them to lay their heads on when they want to look out.
    I have one more change, which I'm figuring out what material to use. I'm going to put a clear center in the doggie door, riveted in. My dogs won't go in with the door down as they can't see out. Since my Chessie will eat most anything he can, I have to have the metal edge. Also why I made the bed like I did...

    On the rivet tool, just don't let the handle open back up all the way. Takes an extra couple crimps to pop, but so very easy. I'm only 5' and have small hands, so I've learned to improvise. I put both these together with no problems. I also had one missing interior part. I called and they shipped it out ASAP! Thank you!

    They are heavy, and more so with my modifications. Dogs don't move them around like they did the wood predecessors.

  5. Great dog house. You will need a man with...... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Dec 2013

    Strong hands and exceptional do it yourself skills. The pop - rivet tool that is sold on this site broke after about 15 rivets....luckily I live 2 blocks from home depot. You will need a good pop rivet tool to complete this job. The hound heater is a great heater; however I mounted it exactly per the instructions and it has begun to melt a bit of the plastic surround that lines the inside the house...two small one inch areas. It keeps my 120 pound dog so cozy....I don't really care about the plastic liner. My dog has destroyed his fair share of items, but doesn't seem to be able to get a good enough grip on the heater or the thermostat as of yet to destroy them. My only criticism on the house is I would've liked the door to be a little larger. He took a little training to get him to want to scrunch up going in and out. Overall, you'll love this house. Allow about 5 hours to assemble.

    K-9 Kondo Comment: I spoke to the customer and let them know that we were refunding their money for the defective pop rivet tool. I also explained that the warped plastic liner was a result of improper heater installation. The heater was installed using the generic instructions from the manufacturer for doghouses with wood walls placing the heater baffle directly above the Hound Heater. When attached to closely the baffle will conduct heat into the wall distorting the plastic. We include a notice with all of heaters informing the customer to disregard the "generic" instructions and refer to those found on our website. We now include a copy of the website instructions in every heater.

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