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Assembly & Care

Doghouse Assembly Instructions

Each one of our animal house and animal door products is made from high-quality materials and is guaranteed to be long-lasting. Some of our Dog Den doghouse products are partially assembled in the factory, while others require assembly on your part.

If requested, we can completely assemble the doghouse product for you. Special shipping and pick-up instructions must be arranged by calling us at (308) 532-4551.

Please click on the links shown below for detailed installation and assembly instructions for the kennel door, pet heater, and doghouse products.

Care and Maintenance of Dog Dens

Dog Den 2 Assembly Instructions

Kennel Door Installation

K-9 Kondo Assembly Instructions

Dog Den 1 and Dog Den 3 Assembly Instructions

Hound Heater Installation

Animal House Maintenance

We proudly offer a five-year guarantee on each one of our doghouse products. Each well-built animal house is designed to be long-lasting. We have thousands of Dog Dens that are over a decade old and still offer incomparable comfort.  Please see the following cleaning, bedding, and maintenance recommendations we have found to be the most successful.