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FAQs About K-9 Kondos

Q. Why don’t you sell the K-9 Kondo barrels anymore?

A. In February 2007 both FedEx and UPS changed their method of determining dimensional weight. The new calculation made barrels prohibitively expensive with shipping costs being as much as $100 per barrel.

Q. What kind of barrel do I need for a K-9 Kondo kit?

A. A clean plastic 55-gallon barrel that has not contained harmful substances can be used for a K-9 Kondo doghouse kit. The barrel must have a minimum bottom diameter of 21". Maximum diameter is 24".

Q. Where can I find 55-gallon plastic barrels?

A. Plastic barrels are used to contain everything from ball bearings to maple syrup. Car wash businesses and bottling plants are good source for obtaining barrels.

Q. Can I use a steel barrel with the K-9 Kondo doghouse kit?

A. No!

Q. What type of insulation is used in the doghouse insulation option?

A. We no longer offer the insulation option for the K-9 Kondo.

Q. Why has the insulation option been discontinued?

A. We didn’t have enough demand for the insulation option to justify the cost of production.

Q. How will my dog stay warm if there is no doghouse insulation?

A. What you put underneath a dog, and what you feed him, does more to ensure warmth than anything other than putting him in the doghouse. Dogs that are kept dry and out of the wind generate ample heat to sustain themselves in cold weather. K-9 Kondo outdoor doghouses are in use in every state; and we have many repeat customers from the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Maine, Michigan, and other northern states.

Q. How well does the K-9 Kondo perform in hot weather?

A. With deck attached and ventilated per our instructions, the K-9 Kondo will stay within two degrees of ambient shade temperature in hot or cold weather.

Q. Does the barrel have a flat floor?

A. No, the barrel does not have a flat floor. Have you ever seen a dog dig a flat hole? A concave floor has many advantages for a dog versus a flat floor. It is the most natural shape for a dog to rest in. Take a look at a coyote den sometime and you will see what we mean. The curved floor does the best job of keeping bedding underneath the dog. Long time dog trainer Delmar Smith of Oklahoma has written of his experiments with barrels. He found that when dogs were placed in a kennel with various types of doghouses, they would always select the natural shape barrel to sleep in.

Q. Does the K-9 Kondo outdoor doghouse use pop rivets for assembly?

A. No. The K-9 Kondo is assembled with bolts and screws.

Q. Is the plywood for the deck included in the K-9 Kondo doghouse kit?

A. No. It is not cost effective to ship plywood as it readily available.

Q. Do I get the brackets that hold the plywood deck?

A. Yes. They are included in the price of the K-9 Kondo kit.

Q. Is the door included in the price of the K-9 Kondo kit?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the door made of?

A. The door is made of 22-gauge zinc-plated steel.

Q. Can a dog chew the door?

A. A dog will not chew the door more than once and still keep its teeth. In 17 years and more than 75,000 doors, we have never had to replace a door as a result of chewing.

Q. What is the support frame made of?

A. The support frame or “leg stand” as we call it, is made from a combination of steel and plastic.

Q. How much does the K-9 Kondo weigh?

A. The K-9 Kondo outdoor doghouse weighs approximately 45 pounds.

Q. What is covered in your five-year guarantee?

A. Our five-year guarantee means that we will replace any part that fails due to dog chewing or defect. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping or can pick it up at our factory without cost. The hinge bushings are not covered as their wear depends on the amount of use. We replace these at the nominal cost of $2 postpaid for two bushings, and 50 cents for each additional bushing. Regular lubrication with silicone grease or spray will extend the life of the bushing considerably.