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We began production of the Dog Den series in 1998. The original was the “Dog Den” followed by the Dog Den 1, 2, and 3. We ended production of the first three models in 2018 when our assembler of more than 20 years retired. A lady who had been my shop foreman since 1994 also retired a few months later. We are located in a sparsely populated area of Nebraska with a very limited labor pool. My attempts to secure a replacement to assemble this series of Dog Dens proved impossible.  

I had the idea for a new design of the Dog Den for many years, which I named the Dog Den +. I played around with a prototype to see if the design would be practical and found that it worked well. My idea was to outsource many of the parts to remedy my need to search for reliable employees. I have purchased all of my steel from a local HVAC company since the early 90s. I cannot imagine how a company could have treated me better. The shop foreman has become a great friend and has never done anything other than help me. He agreed to make many of the parts needed for the Dog Den + and I gave the go ahead for production. The Dog Den + was a hit, but too much so. The HVAC shop’s primary job is to provide the ducting and sheet metal work or HVAC jobs. Because of this priority my friend could not keep up with my demand and complete his company's job orders. The last six months of production was a nightmare. My friend could only supply me with partial orders of various parts, forcing me into a backorder situation. The only way I could continue to produce the Dog Den + was to search for new employees and work 60 hours or more per week. I made the decision to do neither. I am reaching a time in my life when I would like to slow down.

Each day I receive calls asking if I have any Dog Dens remaining or if I will resume production. I always feel bad after disappointing someone when they tell me “nobody made a better doghouse." 

In the future I will continue to offer our signature products—the K-9 Kondo Doghouse Kit and the Kennel Door. These are products which I can make quite efficiently by myself and some part-time help.

Thank you for your understanding and for loving the Dog Den products.

—Joe Shown, Owner




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