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What’s Your Dog’s Comfort Really Costing You?


How much money do you spend on housing for your dog? And how much is too much? I know that many of my readers have not thought much about the former but have considered the latter.

Consider these questions:

  • How concerned are you with the health and comfort of your dog?
  • How much is it worth to you to keep your dog warm in cold weather without bringing the dog inside?
  • Do you want to provide a doghouse that is durable and will provide years of trouble-free protection from the elements?
  • How much should this cost?
  • Is $330 too much to spend on a doghouse?
  • And what about a dog owner that needs multiple doghouses—wouldn’t $330 be over the top?

Let’s compare the cost of dog housing to the daily ration cost for a dog. I have a 70-pound German Shorthair knucklehead that believes he owns the K-9 Kondo factory. Most of the day he entices the employees to throw him his ball or begs to be let out and play. If I figured out how much he actually costs me in lost production time, I am certain that I would take him to the used dog lot. On average his daily ration consists of 20 ounces of dry kibble. This amount does not include what he begs from folks at lunchtime. For comparison purposes I will use a low-end 40-pound bag of dog food that retails for $25. Many of the customers I deal with will spend much more than this amount on a bag of kibble. The $25 bag will provide 32 daily servings at a cost of 78¢ per day. If I were to use one of the high-end rations that sells for twice as much (or more), then we can see that we could easily spend $2 per day to feed the dog.

So what is the daily usage cost of that $330 doghouse compared to the daily ration expense? The K-9 Kondo Dog Den 3 is the largest and most expensive doghouse we make. At $269.95 plus $65 for shipping, the total cost is $330 less a nickel. All K-9 Kondo products carry a five-year limited warranty, with most of our customers using them years longer. There are 1,825 days in five years. If you bought a Dog Den 3 and used it for five years then decided to trade your hound at the used dog lot, the daily usage cost would have been less than 19¢ per day. The daily usage cost for a Dog Den 2 doghouse would be 16¢, and the Dog Den 1 less than 14¢ per day. Any way you cut it, a dog owner will spend at least four times as much per day to feed their dog as to provide him with the best doghouse money can buy.

Not only will the Dog Den doghouse keep a dog comfortable in the coldest of weather, it will offset the cost of its daily ration. A warm dog needs less to eat, therefore saving even more money. So the next time you consider buying a doghouse, don’t let the initial cost shock you. Do the math and you will see that purchasing a Dog Den doghouse is the most cost-effective purchase you can make for your dog’s well-being.

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