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Humane Society Inspector Declares K-9 Kondo Dog Dens “Best Doghouse”

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As the owner of K-9 Kondo, I rest easy on cold nights knowing our products are giving ample shelter to tens of thousands of dogs all over the U.S. Recently, our kennel doors and Dog Dens were used in a newly constructed five-star dog kennel in a northern area of the U.S. that receives plenty of weather to contend with for outdoor dogs.

K-9 Kondo Dog Kennel Doors

French Bulldogs (also called Frenchies) are playful, alert, and stocky little dogs. Their short, smooth coat makes grooming a breeze, but it also makes them unable to handle harsh weather conditions. This K-9 Kondo customer knows this well, and he put his trust in our products to protect his Frenchies. 

A new five-star dog kennel complete with K-9 Kondo kennel doors and Dog Den 2s attests to our customer's desire to provide the best possible shelter for his dogs. The new building contains six runs inside the building, with outside access through the kennel doors, which can also be locked closed. With abundant natural lighting from the skylights, screened windows that open for fresh air, outside access, and Dog Den doghouses, these dogs want for nothing.

During a recent conversation our customer relayed to me an encounter with a local humane society inspector. A concerned neighbor placed a complaint to the inspector that his dogs were suffering in the bitter cold because they were kept outside. The inspector arrived to investigate the claim and found all the Frenchies toasty warm in their K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2s. When the investigation was complete, the inspector said, “I have never seen nicer doghouses.” Despite the brutal cold this winter, these bulldogs have been safe, warm, and comfortable in their Dog Den doghouses. 

K-9 Kondo Dog Door for Kennel

Customers like this who want and provide the best for their dogs make us feel good every time we pack an order for shipment. And tonight, I will again rest easy.

Many thanks to our customer for sharing his story and photos with us. If you have something interesting to share with us, or if you’d like more information about K-9 Kondo Dog Den doghouses, doghouse kits, or kennel doors, please call (800) 779-3546 or email us.

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