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FAQs About Kennel Doors

Q. What are the dimensions of the K-9 Kondo Kennel Door?

A. The K-9 Kondo Kennel Door is 12" wide and 15" in length and requires a rough opening of 14" x 16" for attachment.

Q. Can a large dog use the Kennel Door?

A. Even a large dog, like a Rottweiler, can go through the opening of the Kennel Door.

Q. Can the Kennel Door be damaged from chewing?

A. No. We have never had to replace a door due to dog chewing.

Q. Can I use a Kennel Door for entry into my home?

A. We do not recommend the Kennel Door for home entry as the opening is not bug tight. The chew-proof Kennel Door was designed for kennel use where utility and durability are paramount. As a result of these parameters, we designed the door with a 1/16" gap around the door’s edge to allow moisture to vent from the interior of the doghouse. Some air and bugs can pass through the gap. There are pet doors that have a better seal than the Kennel Door, but all of them can fall victim to chewing.

Q. Does the Kennel Door stop rain?

A. The Kennel Door will stop rain better than any other kitty door or doggy door manufactured today. When rain strikes other pet doors or flaps it runs down the surface and directly into the interior. The 6" wide rain shield and offset axis of the Kennel Door ensures that the rain runs down the surface and sheds to the outside.

Q. What keeps the K-9 Kondo Kennel Door from flapping in the wind?

A. All pet doors will flap if exposed to direct winds. The weight of the K-9 Kondo Kennel Door ensures that the door does not flap wildly like plastic flaps and doors. Pet doors that are spring-loaded will also flap in the wind—especially when the springs weaken. Gravity’s effect on the K-9 Kondo Kennel Door never loses it strength.

Q. Can small dogs open the Kennel Door? Or can cats use it as a cat door?

A. Yes. We have two farm cats that pass through a Kennel Door numerous times each day. It can be used as a cat door just as effectively as a doggy door.

Q. Can the Kennel Door be locked in the open position?

A. Yes. The Kennel Door is the only manufactured pet door that can be secured in open position without modification. The provided locking pin passes through each side of the rain shield and underneath the door in the open position.

Q. Can the Kennel Door be locked in the closed position?

A. Yes. The locking pin secures the door in the closed position.

Q. What can be done to stop heat loss in my heated kennel building?

A. Due to the durability of the optional Kennel Door Closure Panel, it is very effective at controlling heat loss.