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FAQs About Hound Heaters

Q. Where is the optional pet heater located? 

A. The Hound Heater Pet House Furnace is installed on the back wall of the Dog Den to keep your dog warm. It is powered by 110-volt household current and uses a maximum of 150 watts.

Q. Can I use dog bedding with the Hound Heater? 

A. Yes it can be used with this pet heater.

Q. Is there any danger of the dog bedding catching fire from use?

A. No, the pet heater is not a fire hazard when used properly.

Q. Is the electrical cord protected from dog chewing? 

A. No. The cord passes through the back wall of the Dog Den. The Dog Den should be positioned in such a way that the cord is not accessible to the dog.

Q. How many watts is Hound Heater Pet House Furnace rated at? 

A. The Hound Heater produces 150 watts and draws only one amp. It must be used with a 110-volt ground fault receptacle.

Q. How warm will the Hound Heater keep my Dog Den? 

A. The Hound Heater pet furnace will keep your dog warm and comfortable even in very cold climate areas. Temperatures are dependent on the size of the Dog Den, outside temperatures, and wind velocity. Approximate settings are as follows: Low/Medium, 45–75° F; Medium/High, 50–80° F.

Q.  Why is the wall mounted Hound Heater used now instead of the floor heating mat?

A.  The Hound Heater heats the entire interior of the Dog Den rather than just the floor.  With the heating mat the dog had to be in contact with the floor to be warmed.  We have found the Hound Heater to be an improvemnet over the mat and has an adjustable thermostat to regulate interior temperature.

Q.  Have there been any problems with dogs chewing the Hound Heater?

A.  We have offered the Hound Heaters for more than three years with no instances of damage to the Hound Heater furnace from chewing.