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Dog Den 1, Regular, Unassembled - FREE SHIPPING!

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  • Dog Den 1 easily fits any size dog
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  • Dog Den 1
  • Comparison of Dog Dens 1, 2, and 3
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  • Dog Den 1 size compared to the larger Dog Den 3
  • Dog Den 1 lid easily removes for access to clean and change bedding
  • Dog Den 1 insulated floor lifts out for easy cleaning
  • Dog Den 1 is easy to clean
Dog Den 1
Free Shipping

Product Description

FREE SHIPPING! Buy 3-6 Dog Den 1's and get $10.00 off each one–Buy 7-12 and get $15.00 off each one!

When you are looking for an outdoor doghouse guaranteed to keep your dog as warm in the harshest of temps, consider the Dog Den 1 doghouse. If you own gun dogs or breed dogs in a kennel environment, our doghouses are the perfect solution for durable housing for your dogs. It is made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials with a zinc-plated steel exterior wall, a plastic interior wall, and an insulated floor made of steel.  

27% More Insulation: The Dog Den has 27% more insulation than any other manufactured doghouse. We use one full inch of insulating foam where it is needed the most—in the ceiling and the insulated floor and plastic interior wall each have 3/4" of foam between two plastic layers—guaranteed to keep your dog as comfortable as possible all year round.

Heating Option (sold as a combo with Dog Den 1 or separately): For only an additional $124.95 you can get the wall-mounted Hound Heater Pet House Furnace. If you like a good bargain, visit our Dog Den 1 with Hound Heater product page and purchase the combo to save $15 on shipping!

All Steel Exterior: Interlocking steel wall panels are impervious to chewing. There is nothing to rot, and its design makes it easy to clean and disinfect.

Removable Lid: The lid removes easily for cleaning and to change the dog bedding.

Chew-Proof: This outdoor doghouse is chew-proof. Your dog cannot chew this doghouse.

Size: The regular Dog Den 1 insulated doghouse measures 34" long x 22" wide x 22" high.

4.5" Door Lip: Keeps bedding inside better than any competitor.

Best “Kennel Door” Included: Our durable, heavy-duty kennel door swings both ways and locks open for summer ventilation. The chew-proof flaps are designed to be water-resistant and even stop wind-driven rain.

Strong and Lightweight: Weighs only 55 pounds yet will support as much as 400 pounds.

Easy Assembly: Assembly is a snap with included pop rivets. Assembly DVD makes for a speedy assembly.

5-Year Guarantee: We will replace any part that fails on a prorated basis due to defect or chewing for five years from time of purchase. Check the limited warranty for details.

2 x 4 supports not included.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Dog House

    Posted by Steve Shaver on 16th Mar 2014

    I now have 6 dog dens and they are of excellent quality. Some I have had for 7 years and they are still good as new.
    With an outside temp of 15 degrees the inside temp registered at 43 degrees. Keeps dog warm and dry. Some really like to lay on top too.
    Highly recommend them

    Steve Shaver
    Moosehead Retrievers


    Posted by Greg on 28th Feb 2014

    My little female lab literally chewed through a large igloo dog house. Besides ruining the dog house, she would throw up the small pieces of plastic. I contacted K-9 Konda and was told their dog house would probably take care of my problem. They were right! Problem solved. I assembled the dog house when it arrived and found the instructions were very good as long as I took my time. If I buy another dog house for my other dogs, it will be another K-9 Kondo. Great value and quality.

  3. Awesome Dog House

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Oct 2013

    I had known of K-9 Kondo for sometime from a friend who researches everything and always finds the best products.When it was time for me to get a new dog house for my German Shorthair pup, I thought I'd do a search of my own, maybe finding a different option in the dog house market,of course I ended back at K-9 Kondo. I got a Dog Den 1, Assembly was easy,fun,no problems. Now I am waiting for the pup to get home from training so he can enjoy it too.

  4. The Last one you will need.

    Posted by Russell on 11th Feb 2013

    I had previously purchased two Dog Den 3 and have recently purchased a Dog Den 1 because I didn't need one quiet as big. I purchased the Den 1 because it is constructed very similar to the Dog Den 3...sturdy. I have two Doberman Pinschers and a Lab/Shar Pei mix. The youngest Doby is a chewer. She will not be chewing up this house and has not after several months use. The quality of the assembled product is solid. When you open the box and see the pieces, you may question what you got your self into...just take your time and the instructions will guide you through. The online videos will help as well. As someone online suggested, I went to Lowes and purchased a can of brush-on bedliner and painted the floor to stave off the rusting of galvanized metal by urine. One of my dog's dribbles from time to time. My only complaint is the latches on the roof are made of a weaker metal and they tend to bend upon installation. Once installed though, they serve their purpose. Do were gloves assembling, and a couple of C-clamps are extremely helpful. I don't have to worry about my dogs having a safe and dry and warm place to rest now.

  5. Excellent Dog House!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2011

    I hesitated purchasing this because while I heard it was the best dog kennel on the market, I heard 'horror stories' about the assembly process of the DDI. I have a working german shepherd and wanted something that could keep her warm while she spent her first winter outside in subzero temperatures in upstate NY, so I was very careful to ensure whatever house I got her was the best on the market. Many working dog people have the 'throw her in an igloo, she'll be fine' mentality but I figured I would want substantial and heated accommodations, so why make the dog sleep in anything less? I did think the all stainless steel variety was much sharper looking than the DDII (just my opinion) so even though it was more labor intensive, I went with my gut and got it. Came promptly after purchase and admittedly, I put it off for about a week (being nervous about how frustrated I might get w assembly problems). Well, I can happily say I gave it a go this afternoon and wasn't disappointed with the process or end result. Very good quality dog house, first of all. Initially, it comes in a million flimsy looking pieces of aluminum, styrofoam, and plastic liner, but as it slowly comes together, piece by piece, you start to appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that went into designing this thing. Though assembly did take a few hours, most of the time was spent doing tedious pop rivets (which i've never used before) and double checking what needed to be done for the next step to make sure no errors occurred. Also, I stained the wooden foot supports 'black' to make the house look even better. Honestly, take a Sunday afternoon where you have nothing better going on, set up shop in the garage, and start knocking this thing out. It was done in no time and didn't even give me a headache! Sure it was over twice as expensive as a cheap plastic house from a local pet store but I am totally satisfied and comfortable leaving my girl out there in the cold weather while away. She'll be just as comfortable sleeping out there in her DDI than if she was stuck jammed in a crate inside the house.